Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2, June 2020, Pages 23-66 
Evaluating Epidemiology, Symptoms, and Routes of COVID-19 for Dental Care: A Literature Review

Pages 37-41


Ana Regina Casaroto; Javad Jamali; Fatemeh Amini; Milad Talebzade Toranji; Gözde Kayasöken

Dental Care for Patients During the Covid-19 Outbreak: A Literature Review

Pages 42-45


Monica Aponte Mendez; Ejusmar Karolina Rivera Marval; Milad Talebzade Toranji; Fatemeh Amini; Ana Regina Casaroto

Case Reports

A Rare Pleomorphic Adenoma in an Uncommon Area: A Case Report

Pages 59-62


Nicolas Solano; Jondalys Lopez; Bairon Castro; Blanca Alvarez; Manuel Linares