Survey Based Research on Awareness and Knowledge of Patients Who Visit Marmara University Hospital

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Endodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey


Background and aim: This survey presents an analysis of patients’ expectations, concerns, and perceptions about endodontic treatment.
Material and Methods: The questionnaire containing 15 questions was prepared based on similar survey-based research. Patients who participated in this survey were older than 18 years old. The questionnaires were given from and retrieved by the same operator. Overall attendance in the study was 100 patients. Patients' identities remained anonymous.
Results: Participants were 61% women and 39% men. The patients over the age of 40 were 47%, from 25 to 40 were 28%, and from 18 to 25 were 25%. Patients who had root canal treatment before was 69%. Of these, 65% said they had a good experience. Forty-four percent of patients who previously had an endodontic treatment had a painful experience. Patients who think root canal treatment is necessary for spontaneous pain is 42%. Patients who have pain prefer to see the dentist in the first place, are 78%, and 72% prefer endodontic treatment to extract the tooth. Patients who prefer an Endodontist to get their treatment are 48%. Overall, 71% of patients choose university dental hospitals for endodontic procedures.
Conclusion: Endodontists should inform patients to understand the importance of endodontics. Patients’ awareness should have increased.


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