Comparison of Oral Manifestations in Patients with Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism in Outpatient Clinic of Razi Hospital in Rasht City in 2018

Document Type : Original Article


1 School of Dentistry, Guilan University of Medical sciences, Rasht, Iran

2 Department of Oral Medicine, School of Dentistry, Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Rasht, Iran

3 Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Rasht, Iran


Background and aim: Comparison of oral manifestations in patients with hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism in an outpatient clinic of Razi Hospital in Rasht City.
Materials and methods: This descriptive-analytical study was performed on 121 patients with hypothyroidism and 55 patients with hyperthyroidism referred to an outpatient Clinic of Razi Hospital in Rasht City under the supervision of an endocrinologist. Patients' information was recorded in a questionnaire after the oral examination. Data were described by using SPSS 22.
Results: The mean age of patients in this study was 44.3±13.7 years. 47.1% of hypothyroidism and 21.8% of hyperthyroidisms had a congress tongue (p<0.0001). Macroglossia was 43.8% in hypothyroidism and 14.5% in hyperthyroidism patients (approximately 3 times) (p <0.0001). Only 5% of hypothyroid patients were oral lichen planus, while none of the hyperthyroidisms had oral lichen planus (p=0.101).
Conclusion: As discussed in this study, oral manifestations in thyroid patients, especially hypothyroidisms, were observed. They considered the possibility of manifestations such as lichen planus, xerostomia, and knowledge of recognizing the clinical signs of these lesions. The interaction between dentists and endocrinologists, accurate follow up of these patients, and control of their complications and considerations during work with these patients to prevent the possible complications should be paying attention.


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