Study of Clinical Profile of COVID-19 Patients with Respect to COVID-19 Vaccination Status: An Analytical Study from a Tertiary Care Center in India

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1 Department of General Medicine, L.N. Medical College and Research Centre, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

2 Department of Community Medicine, LN Medical College and Research Centre, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India


Background and aim: India is witnessing the third wave of COVID-19 in the background of the vaccination program in 2021. Many studies are being done worldwide to evaluate the short-term and long-term impact of vaccines. This study was done to determine the impact of vaccines on the clinical status of the patients that came to our tertiary care center.
Material and methods: An observational study was done at LN Medical College and JK Hospital Bhopal. Data were tabulated in MS Excel spreadsheets. Fisher Exact test was used as a statistical tool to calculate the p-value to assess the association's significance level.
Results: Out of 61 patients, male patients were more than female. The younger age group was more likely to require home isolation. Vaccinated patients were significantly found to have less probability of needing hospitalization (p=0.0192), less duration of stay in hospital (p=0.0081), and less chances of needing Intensive Care Units (ICU) support (p=0.0254). We also evaluated the impact of vaccines in patients with co-morbidities and without co-morbidities.
Conclusions: Vaccination against COVID-19 has proved to help mitigate the damage caused so far by COVID-19. However, the real-life effectiveness of vaccines in different individuals with different co-morbidities and other influencing factors should be studied in depth so vaccine programs can progress before the virus evolves.


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How to Cite this Article: Verma I, Kumar A, Antony J, Ansari SA, Kaushal R, Rajput DP. Study of Clinical Profile of COVID-19 Patients with Respect to COVID-19 Vaccination Status: An Analytical Study from a Tertiary Care Center in India. International Journal of Scientific Research in Dental and Medical Sciences. 2022;4(2):57-66.
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